Silence the Violence

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They’re young, scared, and often ignored, and have discovered their voice. They know what needs to be done to create safer communities and the role the police should play. They know the inclination to join gangs comes from social alienation and the circumstances of their life.

Almost every day, they face news of someone who looks like them being shot in Chicago.

I live in constant fear that I’ll get a call or text stating one of the guys I mentor has been shot. Whenever there’s a shooting and there’s been a lot:

Chicago 2016

Shot & Killed: 660
Shot & Wounded: 3425
Total Shot: 4085
Total Homicides: 736

I watch the news and check social media praying that I don’t recognize the name of the victim. And yet, I know my fear is nothing compared to what they must feel every single day, having to navigate the stigma of race.

What people are saying about Silence the Violence:

“An invaluable documentary for anyone interested in understanding inner-city violence, comprehending the pain and suffering it produces, and taking part in the grossly-overdue national effort to address the fundamental causes, heal the deep wounds, and literally ‘Silence the Violence.’ An excellent film—highly recommended!” (read more)