Heather is the popular teen who realizes that something is missing in her life. As she struggles to fill that void, Jackson moves to her town and their mutual raw attraction is undeniable.

He not having any friends wallows in anger, and doesn’t trust. A victim of an absent father. Jackson has a lot of family drama and a hard time expressing his emotions.

She’s just glad to have someone to talk to that actually listens, especially the newbie with a mysterious past.

She is terrified to even think about leaving Brady, the star hockey player and losing all that comes with him: the popularity, her parents’ approval and her carefully constructed social life. But thoughts of Jackson consume her. She is determined to learn his secrets, but as they grow closer, their differences and beliefs threaten to divide their friends and family.

He discovers that what he wants most-what his heart truly desires-is right in front of him.

They fall crazy in love with each other. The only problem is, she’s white, he’s black.

Has she finally met someone she can trust with her heart? Will Jackson be strong enough to teach her about love? Will Jackson and Heather be able to overcome their differences? Will the skin he’s in stop Jackson from being in love with her?

Ice Cold takes the reader beyond color as they seek to learn if they are strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

What People are Saying About Ice Cold:


…The story builds up suspense beautifully as matters of the heart, agitations of teenage social status, and challenges to perceived norms, all combine to instigate clashes of words and muscles. The author deftly avoids clichés and dodges sentimentality by maintaining a lifelike balance of action, conflict, and the characters’ internal thoughts. (continue reading)



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