A lot of people say they want to write a book, but few actually follow through with their dreams with an end product. The problem people run into with writing a book or starting your own business or any of those lofty dreams we may have is that there are no time limits on them. There’s no need to sit down and actually starting a book because there are no deadlines to contend with. To avoid this line of thinking, you’ll need to do 2 things: start somewhere and have discipline.


Start Somewhere

Anywhere really. If you don’t have an idea to work with, brainstorm possible topics throughout the day and keep a small journal you can take anywhere to log your thoughts. Think about your story and what unique circumstances you have had to get through. Talk to family members about their stories or even start conversations with strangers on the street. Thinking about the ways people survived certain problems or situations and thinking about the steps they took to get through it might help you in the creative process. Try to brainstorm at different points in the day as some writers feel more imaginative in the wee hours of the morning while others swear they get their best ideas late at night. Find your best time for brainstorming and make sure there’s a journal nearby.

Read as much as you can. It has been said that in order to be a prolific writer, you need to have a sincere interest in reading. A passion for reading is only going to improve your writing as it will improve your understanding of writing well, vocabulary, and overall comprehension. Read whatever you can get your hands on and be engaged while you read, thinking about the plot and how the writer was able to effectively communicate his or her thoughts onto the page.



Even more important than starting somewhere is having the discipline to stick with it. If you start and work for a few weeks but suddenly stop or taper off your work, you likely won’t pick it back up for awhile. Once you make the decision to start investing time into your passion and write a book, commit yourself to that goal. One way to counteract the strong desire to stop and go onto something more enjoyable, think of the end goal and don’t give yourself any constraints. Allow yourself to really delve deep and write about absolutely anything you think of. This sort of free writing that is not confined to any genre, style, or topic and can give you free range to explore your own thoughts.