Aspiring authors and seasoned authors alike will all come across the most dreaded of beasts at one point or another: the blank page. When faced with the blank page, no original ideas, and a general feeling of exasperation, it’s best to have a plan of attack. Writer’s block can happen to even the most experienced of writers. Maybe you have a great idea but have no idea how to start, or maybe you just are searching for inspiration. Whatever the case may be, there are things you can do to spur your inspiration and create a great story.

book-1350180_1920Try a Website That Generates Writing Prompts

Websites like and Writer’s First Line Generator generate first lines of a story that can help jog your creativity. Writer’s Digest has a section where their readers can sign in and give ideas for different prompts. This could be a good tool if you’re struggling to find a great idea.

Try Free Writing

Sometimes all we need is a little bit on the page to really get going. Instead of staring at the blank page and getting more and more upset, just try writing whatever comes to mind. Allow your thoughts to go wherever they may and pay no attention to grammar and spelling. The website OneWord is great to challenge yourself. This website will give you a single word and you have one minute to freewrite about that word.

Read a book

English playwright Ben Jonson is quoted as saying, “For a man to write well, there are required three necessaries: to read the best authors, observe the best speakers, and much exercise of his own style,” so pick up a new book. Immerse yourself in a story and expose yourself to new ideas.

Keep a Journal or Notepad With Thoughts

Everyday, try to carry with you a small notepad to record your thoughts and ideas to bring out when you’re faced with writer’s block. We’ve all thought of great ideas, but over the course of a day those ideas can be lost. Even if you don’t end up using the ideas you came up with, they may jog your creativity and make you think of something else.

Don’t suffer the pain of writer’s block, and don’t let it hinder whether or not you complete that novel!