Dear B, How to Survive and Thrive in High School is written by educator Chris Spence and his soon to be high school teen Briana and provides advice and a game plan for high school success.
Students prepare for and deal with the high school experience in many different ways. It truly is a unique experience, and I believe it is important for parents to play a large role in preparing their teen(s) for high school.
In high school, teens begin to experience a great deal of newfound freedom. Talk with your teen ahead of time about their initial high school impressions. Are they nervous, excited and or uneasy about the transition? Talk with them when they come home, before they go to bed and whenever else they are willing to talk. Ask lots of questions about their teachers, their classes and their general thoughts about the high school experience.
As educators our work is teaching and learning-to prepare children for lives as successful, productive, contributing adults. Our job is to set high standards for all children-to help them overcome any barriers that stand in the way of learning and learning well. But we can’t ignore the facts of children’s lives.
All children are unique and have distinct vantage points, learning in various ways and at different rates. Some need structure and some need a mix; but all need respect for the individual they are, and who they want to grow to be. Believe in their abilities, and partner with other adults to design experiences conducive to bringing out their individual greatness.

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