The internet is an unbelievable wealth of information for filmmakers, but there are definitely thousands of websites that are not worth wasting your time on. The following resources are used by both amateur and professional filmmakers and will provide value to your next film project.


Anatomy of a Scene

Ever wonder what your favorite director was thinking when they created a climactic scene in your favorite movie? This website gives you the chance to listen to a director walking through a particular scene and what their rationale was behind it.


Filmmaker’s Alliance

This nonprofit organization joins together those within the film industry by offering a yearly membership to a community of other filmmakers. After signing on as a member, you’ll be able to attend membership meetings, social meetups, film screenings, writing workshops, and much more. You’ll also have access to a job board and be able to make your own profile so people can learn more about you.



As a filmmaker, being able to effectively network and create connections is exceedingly important. Not only are there online courses taught by film professionals, there is a social aspect to this site that allows users to connect with others who are also in the industry and discuss different topics within a forum.



When someone wants to know who starred in the movie they just saw or who directed that television show they watched last week, they will likely hop onto IMDb. If you’re in the film industry at any capacity, it’s worth it to create a profile for yourself on this site.


Staff Me Up

Do you need a seamstress on location for your project that is set to start filming next month? Whether you need a job or need to fill one as soon as possible, Staff Me Up will become your go-to job board resource.



Hiring a professional Sound Design Specialist can be a costly venture, especially if your project is already getting expensive. If you need simple sounds to make your film stand out, look no further than Zapsplat. This website allows you to download royalty-free sounds you’ll be able to use for your next project.