Writing a novel is on many people’s bucket lists, but crafting a unique and interesting story can be an overwhelming task. Whether you are looking to write the next bestselling novel, want to start a blog, or just want to improve your writing skills for your day to day life, having a list of resources to visit may make the task of writing less challenging.

Hemingway App


When it comes to writing, many people struggle with writing clearly and effectively. If you want readers to take you seriously, you’ll need to make sure your writing is easily understandable and not too wordy. One of the most useful apps to counteract this challenge is the Hemingway App. The Hemingway App allows you to copy and paste your text into the app, which allows it to analyze the reading level and shows what sentences may be difficult to read. It examines characteristics about your sentences such as your use of passive voice and adverbs. It also gives you options for making your writing simpler.



While schools tend to focus on grammar and punctuation in its curriculum, students often forget it over time unless they continue to write regularly after school. If grammar is not your strong suit, this should not hold you back from writing. Going back and relearning all of the grammar rules is not a bad idea, but it’s not entirely necessary. Using Grammarly will not only show you the mistakes you’ve made but will also explain what the mistakes are, helping you to learn by example.

Write Room/Dark Room


Maybe your downfall is that when you sit down to write, you lose all focus and get distracted easily. Opening a tab for Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites often proves to be too tempting for many potential writers. While it seems innocent enough, these sites eat up time and before you know it, you’ve wasted an hour that could have been devoted to writing. If this is one of your concerns, consider WriteRoom if you have a Mac or Dark Room if you have a Microsoft computer. Both apps do the same thing: turn your computer into a full screen word processor. These apps eliminate distractions by turning the focus on writing only. The program autosaves your work and doesn’t provide any page layout options, graphs, or formatting options. In short, you’ll be forced to focus on the words only.

If you’re thinking about writing a story or starting a blog, get to it. Try testing out these apps or find others that work for you. Allow your voice to be heard and make it happen!