Aspiring writers and professional writers alike can benefit from the connectedness that social media offers. Having a platform to share your ideas and works and connect with your audience can make an infinite difference in the reception of your work as well as increase the amount of people looking at your works. These social media sites are beneficial to any writer that wants a



Reedsy, a publishing startup, is a gathering place for authors, editors, publishers, marketers and designers. This platform allows authors to easily find professionals that can help them take their book to the next level. So many authors rely on self-publishing their works, but the end product is not as polished as a book that came from a professional publishing house. The creator of Reedsy wanted to narrow the gap and help authors find excellent editors, designers, and other writers with ease.



GoodReads is a social media site that attracts book lovers from all over the world in one, easy to use site. If someone has a GoodReads account, they most assuredly are a lover of books and are looking for the next great novel to add to their bookcase. GoodReads is a site that helps authors promote their works, ultimately allowing them to amass a following. While it doesn’t let you actually sell your books on the site, Amazon gives their buyers the ability to automatically sync their GoodReads and Amazon accounts and allows readers to review author’s books.



Love it or hate it, Twitter is an excellent tool when it comes to self promotion and creating a following for your books. Twitter gives authors the ability to reach millions of users and engage with their followers on a regular basis. Share updates about your writing, post events that you’re attending, and comment, like, and retweet posts from your followers.



To connect with other creative individuals, head to Ello and sign up for this unique social media site. This site is mainly for people interested in the arts, allowing users to post their artwork, photography, or excerpts of their writing for the network to view. Ello is also one of the only social media sites that does not rely on third-party advertisements and also do not sell their users data. Beyond just posting your own content, Ello is also a great place for inspiration since it is so regularly updated by their creative users.